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Services for Students with Disabilities

To have full access to the classroom, Disability Services provides educational support services to students with documented disabilities and provides information to faculty about support services. The mission of Disability Services is to assist students in realizing their academic potential and to facilitate the elimination of physical, programmatic, and attitudinal barriers.

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Contact Information

Ms. Margaret Adams
Associate Director
Disability Resource Center – Bloomfield
Phone: 973-748-9000, ext. 1654

Program Learning Outcomes

The OSD supports an environment focused on reducing the burden students take on to gain equal access to curricular and co-curricular activities. As a result, students registered with the OSD will:

  • improve their understanding of their rights to equal access related to their intersection with all elements of the College.
  • understand all of the ways the OSD can support their access (e.g., educational programming, course accessibility letters, accommodated testing, collaboration with faculty, etc.).
  • understand the role of the OSD in facilitating implementation of accommodations through engagement with the OSD versus direct negotiation with faculty.
  • succeed at rates similar to or better than their nondisabled peers utilizing institutional measures.
  • be able to identify and locate College resources.
  • be able to list their accommodations and know their responsibilities related to their accommodations.

Services for Students

The following are available to students with a documented disability-based need:

  • Advocacy to Faculty and Staff
  • Academic Accommodations
    • Note taking assistance
    • Alternative test taking
    • Adaptive Technology – to assist students with reading and writing assignment
    • Accommodations notification
    • Mobility Assistance
    • One to one tutoring
  • Disability Management Counseling by a Learning Needs Specialist
    • Disability Awareness
    • Learning and Time Management Strategies
    • Self-Advocacy Skills
    • Interpretation of Evaluation Reports

Resources and Forms

Disability Information and Resources

Student Request Forms