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Honors Program

The Bloomfield College Honors Program is made up of high-achieving, community-oriented, and intellectually curious students. Eligible students join the Program as incoming first-semester freshmen, continuing Bloomfield students, and incoming transfer students.

Our Values

The purpose of the Honors Program is to create an academic environment that encourages and motivates students to shine in their academic work and to reach their full potential as leaders and socially responsible members of society. The Honors Program is designed for students who want an enriched academic experience that is shared with other equally motivated students.

Community leadership is a foundation of the Honors Program. Honors Program students are socially conscious students who develop and conduct community service projects such as blood drives, food/clothing drives, and partnerships with nationally recognized non-profit organizations. We encourage each member to take on leadership roles both within and beyond the classroom.


The following scholarships are exclusive to the Honors Program:

  • PSEG Endowed Scholarship (academic; science majors)
  • Grandy Endowed Scholarship (academic; finance majors)
  • Joel M. Weiner Special Use Scholarship
  • Maureen Grant Study Abroad Scholarship

Students eligible for these scholarships are identified by the Office of Student Financial Services and awarded through consultation with the Honors Program Director.


In addition to collaborating directly with faculty mentors on research projects, Honors Program students enjoy a list of unique perks, including:

  • Access to academic scholarships
  • Access to study abroad scholarships
  • Dedicated Study Lounge in the Library
  • Academic curriculum – the Honors Program Curriculum is largely self-directed. You collaborate with faculty advisors to design and conduct Honors Projects on topics that are of interest to you.
  • Opportunities to participate in co-curricular programs such as our Leadership Retreat
  • Opportunities to attend national and regional conferences with honors students from around the country
  • Opportunities to present or publish research – great preparation for graduate school or employment!
  • Opportunities to organize and participate in community service activities such as blood drives, socializing with senior citizens in collaboration with national non-profit organizations, bake sale fundraisers, and food/clothing drives.
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