Outside view of George H. Talbott Hall.

Center for Student Leadership & Engagement

The Center for Student Leadership & Engagement and Special program’s professional and student staff encourages you to make the most of your Bloomfield College experience through involvement in our programs, students clubs and organizations, and leadership development opportunities. The CSLE staff can be found in the Center for Student Leadership and Engagement & Special Programs office, located on the first floor of the Student Center in Talbott Hall on the Quad. Stop by the office and let us help you make the most of your Bloomfield College experience.

Our staff works constantly to develop new and innovative programming that meets the needs of all Bloomfield College students. Our programming is consistent with the College’s Mission, Statement of shared Values, and Curriculum Competencies. We collaborate with several Academic and Student Affairs departments and student clubs and organizations, as well as the Bloomfield College Student Government, to provide activities, events, and other forms of programming that will encourage, engage, and inspire all BC students to become active, contributing members of our campus community. It is our hope that this programming will not only promote a greater sense of school spirit and pride, but will foster social, cultural, professional, leadership, and academic growth and development as well.

Clubs and Organizations Handbook

The Center for Student Leadership & Engagement has put together this resource guide, to best assist student leaders and student groups in understanding the policies and procedures of CSLE and Bloomfield College.

This handbook should serve as a guide to help all student clubs and organizations at Bloomfield College effectively plan programs, events, and activities throughout the academic year. However, because policies and guidelines may change over time, there may be times when you encounter inconsistency. If this occurs, please contact the Director of the Center for Student Leadership and Engagement & Special Programs.We invite current and potentially new student leaders and the members of their organization, to visit our office for assistance with planning events and activities.

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Meet The Staff

Jerryl SharifAssistant Director, CSLE - Bloomfieldsharifj@montclair.edu
Kay AddisonCoordinator,CSLE- Bloomfieldpattersonki@montclair.edu