Bloomfield College campus

Students of Concern Care Team

The Students of Concern Care Team is comprised of selected and trained members of the campus community who receive referrals pertaining to students of concern. The team collects vital information, contact appropriate on/off campus constituents, determine necessary courses of action and make appropriate recommendations and referrals. The Team will work closely with Security and the Bloomfield College Emergency Response Team (ERT) as deemed necessary.

Purpose of the Care Team

The purpose of this team is to provide a confidential means for early intervention and prevention strategies of students of concern through collaboration with campus departments, faculty staff and off campus resources such as Social Services, Bloomfield Township Health Department, Emergency Housing Services, and local hospitals.

The Students of Concern Care Team is not meant to be the sole mechanism of communication and will not take the place of services provided by Personal Counseling, Office of Students with Disabilities, Campus Security or other established student services on campus. The Student of Concern Care Team will help to streamline effective and on-going communication between various departments during the critical stages of early intervention.

Download the Care Team Referral form