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Emergency Reporting Procedures

Bloomfield College is committed to the best practices and continual improvement of its Emergency Response Procedures and Guidelines.  The basic emergency procedures at the College are provided to protect lives and property through the effective use of campus and community resources. Should an emergency arise or escalate beyond the scope of routine measures, the College president or his appointee will declare a state of emergency and contingency measures will be implemented.

These procedures apply to all personnel, buildings, and grounds owned and operated by Bloomfield College. Since emergencies and disasters are not predicable, the guidelines outlined in this manual found at the link below may require immediate modification.  This plan was developed under the authority of Bloomfield College and has been reviewed and approved by the New Jersey Presidents Council and New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness.

An emergency is defined as an incident (potential or actual) which affects human life and/or well-being, building(s), properties owned and operated by the College, and that will disrupt the overall operation of the College.  A disaster is an event or occurrence which can seriously impair or halt the operation of the College and put human life and/or well-being at risk.

In the event of an emergency that requires the Police, Fire Department, and/or Emergency Medical Services, dial 911.  In all other cases, contact the Office of Security at Bloomfield College by calling 973-748-9000, ext. 1366 or toll free at 1-800-809-2222.

Please refer to the following guidelines for detailed emergency procedures: Bloomfield College Emergency Guidelines (PDF).

Here are some other important websites to prepare for an emergency and to keep you informed: