Knox Hall on Bloomfield campus

Course Registration

Students must officially enroll for each course taken. Registration is conducted in the fall for spring and summer courses and in the spring for fall courses.

How to Register for Classes

  • Meet with an academic advisor/coaching counselor each semester to complete a first year, sophomore, or junior check
  • Discuss the registration process (priority registration dates and necessary steps to register) with an academic advisor/coaching counselor during the check
  • Register online via Student Planner during the appropriate dates
  • Completion of all financial obligations with the Office of Student Financial Services.

Failure to complete the above procedures will result in the student receiving no credit for courses. If a student attends class without having completed these procedures, even if he/she has completed assignments, credit will not be awarded.

It is the students’ responsibility to be registered for classes and cleared through the Office of Student Financial Services. Students who attend classes and who are not properly registered and cleared will not be reinstated into the class and will not receive credit.

No change of program will be permitted after the end of the second week of classes.