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Bloomfield College Mentorship Network

The Bloomfield College Mentorship Network is designed to provide undergraduate students with a connection to Faculty/ Staff, Professionals, B.C. Alumni and B.C. Peers.


To uphold the College’s mission and leverage the Bloomfield College community’s diverse experiences to accelerate students’ personal, academic, and professional development.


Our vision is to be the central mentorship program contributing to student success at Bloomfield College. We seek to transform the undergraduate student experience by establishing connections through mentorship and developing a sense of community that empowers students to persist in the collegiate journey and our global society.

Core Values

Our core values are rooted in the R.E.A.C.H. principle:

R – Respect in treating others the way you would like to be treated

– Equitable in honoring one another’s time, space, and perspective

– Accountable to mutual expectations of a mentoring relationship

– Connectivity between the B.C. network and community

– Hope in the opportunity to learn from one another

What Topics Do Mentees and Mentors Discuss?

  • College and the connection to the real world
  • Tips on juggling school, work, and life responsibilities
  • The balancing act of fun and reaching your goals
  • The importance of not giving up on yourself

The Bloomfield College Mentorship Network is funded through the PBI Formula Grant Program. This funding enhances the institution’s capacity to serve more low-and middle-income African-American students. It enables the College to support the increased academic needs of our students through a campus-wide mentoring program and other evidence-based activities.

How to Join as a Mentee or Mentor

  • Visit our Website & complete the application
  • Wait for the completed processing of the application
  • Mentor Only- Email confirming receipt with background check form to be completed and returned by mentor candidate.
  • Meet/Greet & Qooper mentoring platform setup with Mentoring Program Coordinator
  • Attend training & orientation

Apply to the Bloomfield College Mentorship Network today!

For more information about the PBI Formula Grant Program, contact Tikida Adams, Director of PBI Formula Grant

Tikida AdamsDirector, PBI Formula