Photo of students walking outside of George H Talbott hall during Welcome Week.



overhead view of a table were several people are seated sharing notes and collaborating on a project

Prepare to succeed in competitive, in-demand careers by studying business. Through our on-campus networking events our students make connections to real-world business leaders and mentors, and many of our alumni have gone on to operate their own businesses and attain high-level jobs at major corporations.

Creative Arts & Technology

Close view of table with laptop and a selection of color swatches and a person's hands sorting through them

Shatter creative boundaries through our innovative, future-facing arts programs. Our award-wining arts facilities provide for you the spaces and tools you’ll need to prepare for the new digital-media landscape. Our arts alumni have written Grammy-winning albums and have done motion capture animation for film and television – what will you do?


A group of students in a classroom holding books as they take their seats

Studying the Humanities offers you a unique opportunity to examine the intersection of art, history, and culture. Here you’ll nurture your love of the written word and learn the skills you need to deliver your thoughts effectively – with clarity and emotion.

Natural Science & Mathematics

Over the shoulder view of a woman's hands as she uses a pipette to add water to a small test tube in which a seedling is growing.

When you study the sciences you study the very nature of the world around us, unlocking the secrets of the universe. Build the background and skills you need to excel in a STEM career, while gaining experience in the lab contributing to real academic research projects.


A nursing student draws medicine from a bottle into a syringe in front of the nursing classroom facilities with practice mannequins in hospital beds.

Nursing, more than most bachelor’s degree programs, requires students to master both the background knowledge as well as the practical skills necessary to perform the job. Our students learn how to do the work of nursing not only in our excellent on-campus facilities but in clinical placement programs where they work alongside real-world registered nurses delivering care to patients.

Social and Behavioral Sciences

A group of four students in a classroom gather to view the screen of one student's laptop.

The study of people – how we operate individually, how we interact with each other and how we function in large groups – will allow you to explore what it means to be a human being and to come to a deeper understanding of the broader world around you. Many of our students carry their love of social sciences into Master’s or Doctoral degree. Paired with an MBA, fields like Psychology and Sociology can give you an effective set of tools for managing complex social structures and interactions in the workplace.