Young person working on a new game design on the computer.

Game Design

Program Overview

Each year the college holds Global Game Jam, which sees contestants attempt to create a stand-alone game in just 48 hours. In addition, the college is entering the world of Esports and will feature three teams of five students starting in Spring 2019.

When you major in game design, you’ll build the knowledge and hands-on skills to become an expert game designer or developer. If you have a passion for games and want to turn it into a profession, Bloomfield’s game design major is a good fit for you.

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Fast Facts

  • Bloomfield College’s game design program is the No. 2 program in the state.
  • The college started an Esports team in Spring 2019.
  • The college hosts Global Game Jame each year.
  • The game design program is practice-orientated and focuses on real projects.
  • You’ll work on collaborative team-based projects that mimic real-world game development.
  • More than half of game design students join the Game Development Club which work together to create two games every semester.

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Career Options

  • Video game designer: Median pay $58,438 per year. Video game designers create concepts and storylines for video games, creating coding and animation, and coding for computers, gaming systems and smartphones.
  • Creative game director: Median pay $86,316 per year. Creative game directors lead the overall game design, shape the artistic vision and direct others who develop the game.
  • Game marketer: Median pay $42,029 per year. Game marketers know the game design business well enough to market and sell the finished product to consumers.
  • Animator: Median pay $65,300 per year. Animators create animation and visual effects for television, movies, cartoons and other forms of media.
  • Visual effects artist: Median pay $78,471 per year. Visual effects artists create in-game effects or post-production effects for movies, games, TV shows and commercials.

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