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Academic Advising Services

CAACE uses an appreciative advising approach to help students personalize and optimize their college experience. We provide first year professional advising to all students with less than 29 credits or undeclared majors. We provide general support to all upperclassmen. None of our students are turned away.

Our services include helping you to:

  • Understand core, major, and general education course requirements
  • Create a plan to graduate in four years
  • Select, plan and register for courses each semester
  • Guidance with add/drop and withdrawal procedures
  • Discuss change of major/career plans
  • Understand petition/appeal processes
  • Connect to campus resources
  • Direct you to different offices across campus (For example Financial Aid, OTWASS, Registrar, etc.)

The first-year, professional, academic advisors are available both virtually and in person. You can contact us by making an appointment through Starfish or emailing Advising@bloomfield.edu. We are here to help!

Academic Advising FAQs

Who is my advisor?
All first year students and undeclared students are assigned a professional academic advisor. You can find your academic advisor listed at the top of your schedule in student planner or in your success network on Starfish

How many credits am I taking?
Bloomfield College of Montclair State University courses are worth 2, 3 or 4 credits depending on the course. You can find credit information in student planner (click on the section code, for ex. PSY 100-1, under view available sections) or in the course catalog online.

Please note: Some Nursing courses may exceed 4 credits

How many credits should I take each semester to graduate in 4 years?
Students must complete a minimum of 120 credits to earn a college degree. Therefore, you must take 15 credits or more each semester to graduate in 4 years.

How many credits do I need to be considered a full time student?
In order to be considered a full time student, you must be registered for a minimum of 12 credits. You must be a full time student to be eligible for scholarships, campus housing and athletics. However, you must take 15 credits each semester to graduate in 4 years.

What is the process to change my major?
If you decide to change your major, you must first meet with your professional academic advisor to discuss your new curriculum plan. Then, your professional academic advisor will guide you to the change of major form to officially submit your new major.

What if I want to add or drop a class?
The add/drop period occurs during the first week of school. You will need to meet with your academic advisor to request and process class changes.

What if I want to withdraw from a course?
You will need to meet with your professional academic advisor to discuss the withdrawal process. Withdrawing from a course may affect your graduation time frame, financial aid, resident or athletic eligibility. Together you and your advisor will decide on a plan. You will need your academic advisor to process your withdrawal.

Can I transfer credits from a county college during the summer?
First-year students and sophomore students (students who have completed less than 60 credits) are eligible to transfer certain courses from county colleges. Juniors must transfer courses from a four year college. You will need to meet with your academic advisor to discuss specific courses and fill out an off campus form. Your GPA must be 2.0 or higher to take classes off campus.

How do I know if I’m considered a freshmen, sophomore, junior or senior?

Class Standing:

  • Seniors – 90 credits or more
  • Juniors – 60-89 credits
  • Sophomores – 30-59 credits
  • Freshmen – 0-29 credits

What is a coach?
An individual who is available to assist you in goal setting, time management, problem solving, creating a study plan, identifying success barriers and building self-discipline. The Office of Advising/ Coaching, Residence Life, CHAMPS, EOF and STAR programs incorporate the coaching model into their work with students. The coaching model is designed to support you in achieving academic success.

Course Designation

Will my courses be in person, on zoom, or on blackboard?
Your schedule on student planner will show one of the following:

  • “Asynchronous” – these courses will only be through blackboard. You will need to access the course through blackboard on the first day of school
  • “Synchronous” – these courses will list a time slot for zoom. You will need to log onto zoom at the specific time listed.
  • “Lecture” – If only a time and day is listed with the word lecture next to it, this course will be held on campus at the specified time and day
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