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How Alumni Launched a Record Label

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Corey Morgart and Therese Sheridan watch as RNBHunter, sitting between them, signs a document.

In what may be the first collaboration between alumni of Montclair State University and  Bloomfield College since the historic merger of the two institutions, Corey Morgart ’18 Bloomfield and Therese Sheridan ’19, ’23 MA Montclair have co-founded a company to help up-and-coming artists navigate the music industry.

The alumni have merged their talents – expertise in Music Technology (Morgart at Bloomfield) and Journalism and Public Relations (Sheridan at Montclair) – to form their record label, Space Hound Records.

After graduating from Bloomfield, Morgart, better known by his producer name, MATRIXX, worked as head engineer of a local record label with productions featured on MTV, BET and radio stations such as HOT 97 and Power 105.1.

Sheridan studied Journalism and then went on to pursue a master’s degree in Public and Organizational Relations, where she focused her research on social media within the music industry.

Together, “we understand the importance of not just creating great music, but also creating a strong brand identity and connecting with audiences,” Sheridan says.

Corey Morgart and Therese Sheridan hold a sign that says Space Hound Records with a logo of a dog wearing a space helmet.
Since forming their company, Corey Morgart and Therese Sheridan have also become engaged. (Photo courtesy of Space Hound Records)

Morgart and Sheridan met as teenagers in the Bloomfield youth band, where Morgart played the bassoon and Sheridan and her saxophone sat two seats over.

“I was way too shy to talk to him and vice versa, but then there came a point where we had a concert. He forgot his sheet music and ended up having to look on with my sheet music. That kind of forced us to start talking and now we co-own a record label together,” Sheridan says.

In February, Space Hound Records released its first R&B single, “Like Me,” from the rising Newark star, RNBHunter. And to make their collaboration complete, in January Morgart and Sheridan also became engaged, nine years after first meeting in band. “It’s not every day that you get engaged to your business co-founder. We’re looking forward to this new chapter – both for Space Hound Records and for us,” Sheridan says.

Story by Staff Writer Marilyn Joyce Lehren.

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