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Maurice Lyle ’09

Posted in: Alumni Spotlight

Maurice A. Lyle on Bloomfield College campus.

Bloomfield College Alumni Association President Maurice A. Lyle ’09 is grateful for his academic and campus life experiences at Bloomfield that he says set the stage for his career success.

For Lyle and the College, there is mutual appreciation. His leadership in the Alumni Association is well recognized, particularly his dedication to helping students broaden their knowledge about career pathways that may be open to them within their majors and the steps they need to take for rewarding careers after college.

“As a young professional, it took me a long while to learn my way, and if I can help students early on, so they don’t need to navigate a path on their own, my own life has come full circle,” he says. “I’d like current students to know that there are no limits if they persist, take one step at a time, follow their dreams and never settle for less.”

Lyle had to work full time while attending evening classes part time to earn his BS in Finance at Bloomfield. His lessons in persistence paid off. Today, he serves as a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management on Park Avenue in New York City, where he builds financial plans for a select group of highly successful entertainers, families, professionals and business owners.

In earlier financial industry roles, Lyle worked as a financial service representative at MassMutual and served 10 years as a finance manager at Hudson Auto Group. He holds the Series 7 and Series 66 FINRA Registrations, the Life licenses and the Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor designation. He is also accredited as a Chartered Sustainable Responsible Impact Investment Counselor and as an Accredited Wealth Management Advisor.

Always eager to lend his expertise, Lyle is a member of the NAACP Oranges and Maplewood Branch and the Business Advisory Council for Community Options Union County Division in Westfield, as well as an associate member of The Metropolitan Black Lawyers Association, president of The Essex Toastmasters Club of Bloomfield and board advisor for Jazz Choreography Enterprises in New York City.

“I owe a lot to Bloomfield, and I look forward to continuing my participation in leadership roles under Montclair State University,” says Lyle. “The current work I am doing to help mentor students on how to reach their goals quicker, and seeing the impact it can have, is incredibly gratifying. Being involved in this meaningful way with my alma mater, the college that supported and provided me with so much, will always be a very rewarding part of my life, and I know there is much more to come.”