First Namesort descending Last Name Department Phone Ext Email Building/Location
Rebecca Walter Natural Science and Mathematics 1317 rebecca_walter@bloomfield.edu College Hall
Richard Hart Humanities 1281 Richard_Hart@bloomfield.edu Siebert Hall
Robert Bunch Humanities 1103 Robert_Bunch@bloomfield.edu Siebert Hall
Robert Collmier Accounting, Business, CIS & Economics 1389 Robert_Collmier@bloomfield.edu 53 Fremont
Robyn Serven Natural Science and Mathematics 1428 Robyn_Serven@bloomfield.edu College Hall
Rosita Rodriguez Nursing 1331 Rosita_Rodriguez@bloomfield.edu 74 Oakland
Sandra Van Dyk Humanities 1278 Sandra_VanDyk@bloomfield.edu Siebert Hall
Steven Kreutzer Accounting, Business, CIS & Economics 1342 Steven_Kreutzer@bloomfield.edu 2 Broad Street
Tammy Castro Natural Science and Mathematics 1314 Tammy_Castro@bloomfield.edu College Hall
Terry Glover Social and Behavioral Science 1288 Terry_Glover@bloomfield.edu 59 Fremont
Thomas Slaughter Humanities 1283 Thomas_Slaughter@bloomfield.edu Siebert Hall
Tom Toynton Creative Arts and Technology 1701 Tom_Toynton@bloomfield.edu Westminster Hall
Vania Penha-Lopes Social and Behavioral Science 1540 Vania_Penha-Lopes@bloomfield.edu 59 Fremont
Yuichiro Nishizawa Creative Arts and Technology 1555 Yuichiro_Nishizawa@bloomfield.edu Westminster Hall