First Name Last Namesort ascending Department Phone Ext Email
Phyllis More Nursing 1325
Kevin Moran Social and Behavioral Science 1107
Ismat Mikky Nursing 1329
Lazaros Michailidis Accounting, Business, CIS & Economics 1376
Ada McKenzie Humanities 1697
Martha LaBare Humanities 1326
Kenneth Kunz Education 1691
Nora Krieger Education 1407
Steven Kreutzer Accounting, Business, CIS & Economics 1342
Claudia Kowalchyk Social and Behavioral Science 1287
Elissa Koplik Social and Behavioral Science 1646
Leila Koepp Natural Science and Mathematics 1310
Glenda Kirkland Social and Behavioral Science 1776
Peter Kardos Social and Behavioral Science 1288
Mark Jackson Library 1714
John Hinchcliffe Library 1336
Laura Hill Humanities 1732
Glen Hayes Humanities 1236
Richard Hart Humanities 1281
Fiona Harris-Ramsby Humanities 1733
Peter Gordon Creative Arts and Technology 1773
Abraham Gomez-Delgado Creative Arts and Technology 1730
Jonterri Gadson Humanities 1443
Brandon Fralix Humanities 1139
Marianne Flood Nursing 1562
Cheryl Evans Education 1106
Amy Eguchi Education 1122
Gregory Edens Natural Science and Mathematics 1779
Esther Dillard Humanities 1278
Maryann DiLiberto Accounting, Business, CIS & Economics 1379