Last Name First Namesort descending Division Phone Ext 1 Email
Gomez-Delgado Abraham Creative Arts and Technology 1730
McKenzie Ada Humanities 1697
Eguchi Amy Education 1122
Conrad Angela Humanities 1425
Pasmantier Anita Accounting, Business, CS & Economics 1341
Fralix Brandon Humanities 1139
Chung Brian Creative Arts and Technology 1402
Spies Carolyn Academic Affairs 1285
Tuella Carolyn Nursing 1323
Cruse-Cohen Christie Accounting, Business, CS & Economics 1377
Kowalchyk Claudia Social and Behavioral Science 1287
Skinner Daniel Social and Behavioral Science 1282
Curtis Debra Natural Science and Mathematics 1316
Nicolaides Demetris Natural Science and Mathematics 1321
Trunk Dunja Social and Behavioral Science 1647
Koplik Elissa Social and Behavioral Science 1646
Powley Ellen Accounting, Business, CS & Economics 1414
Najmi Esmail Social and Behavioral Science 1645
Dillard Esther Humanities 1278
Harris-Ramsby Fiona Humanities 1733
Hayes Glen Humanities 1236
Kirkland Glenda Social and Behavioral Science 1776
Cook Grace Natural Science and Mathematics 1273
Edens Gregory Natural Science and Mathematics 1779
Mikky Ismat Nursing 1329
Svercauski Jacquelyn Nursing 1328
Murphy James Natural Science and Mathematics 1314,1449
Nutter Jeanne Humanities 1280
Gadson Jonterri Humanities 1443
Morrison Chambers Julia Accounting, Business, CIS & Economics 1380