One of more of the following items may have been requested from you.  Please print the form(s) and submit the Office of Student Financial Services to complete your financial aid.

Dependent Students

Independent Students -

Other Forms -


Parent & Student Tax Transcripts-

The IRS Data Retrieval Tool allows those who have filed their taxes to transfer data from their filed return and answers to certain questions on the FAFSA.  This process saves time on FAFSA completion, reduces the chance for error, and can reduce the chance of being selected for federal verification.

If you choose not to or are unable to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool, but are selected for verficiation, you must order a copy of your tax transcript and send to the Office of Student Financial Services.  

To order a copy of your tax transcript, please follow the instructions below:

1.) Go to the IRS website:

2.) Click "Get Transcript Mail"

Alternatively you can call 1-800-829-1040 and make a request over the phone, or visit a local IRS office.


Federal Verification

When you receive your Student Aid Report in the mail, you may see the following message on the comments page:

"Your application has been selected for review in a process called verification. You must submit to your school signed copies of certain financial documents."

Our office will notify of the exact items we need to complete verification.  A missing information letter or email is produced a week after your financial aid is awarded.

If you receive this message, you will need to submit copies of you and your parents' (if dependent) federal tax transcripts for the prior year along with either the Dependent or Independent Verification Worksheet. For example, if your 2015-2016 Student Aid Report is selected for verification, you need to submit copies of 2014 Federal tax transcripts to the Financial Aid office. Please be advised that we will no longer be able to accept Federal tax returns.  

The deadline to submit all verification documents is the last date of the term in which you are enrolled.  After verification is complete, any financial aid changes will be communicated to you via a new award letter.