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About the Program: 

Do you desire to help people better understand themselves and others? As a psychology major, you will explore behavior and the internal and external factors that influence it. You will have a foundation in the research methodology, biological, developmental, and cognitive bases of behavior. In addition, you will be able to take courses in abnormal, social, personality, multicultural, animal behavior and industrial/organizational psychology. Psychology majors may choose from among the following concentrations:

General Psychology

What you'll study - Developmental psychology, methodology, theories of personality, psychology of motivation

Career Paths - Public relations, human resources, training, social work, marketing and sales, counseling, child psychology and forensic psychology

Diversity Training

What you'll study - Multicultural psychology, cross-cultural psychology, minority group and race relations, group dynamics

Career Paths - Human resources, training, employee relations, community service

Human Services Studies

What you'll study - Nonprofit management, psychology, sociology, methodology

Career Paths - Nonprofit management, delivery of social services

Please also take note of the Common Core and General Education Programs.

General Psychology Concentration - Core Courses (REQUIRED)
GROUP II (select 2)
GROUP III (select 2)
Notes and Instructions: 
(Both PSY 230 and PSY 235 cannot be taken as the two GROUP III courses, only one of them counts as a GROUP III course, and the other could be taken as an elective) ** Students declaring/changing to one of the majors in the division (PSC, PSY, SOC) must take the discipline-specific statistics course if they have not previously taken another statistics course. If a student has taken a statistics course in another discipline prior to declaring the major, and earned a C or better in that course, they do not have to take the discipline-specific statistics course. This applies to PSY 245, SOC 215, and MTH 200. NOTE: Political Science majors are required to take SOC 215.
GROUP V (electives)
Notes and Instructions: 
At least one course emphasizing a multicultural perspective must be included in the 13-course unit total chosen from PSY 235, PSY 335, PSY 402, PSY 425.