Certificate in Game Design

About the Program: 

“Computer and video games have reached a critical mass. Today, nearly every device with a screen plays games, providing interactive entertainment experiences for a wide and diverse population. The creativity of our developers and publishers produces an ever-expanding variety of games to choose from in different formats and across all platforms. Their innovations drive consumer demand for our products, solidifying our industry’s position as one of the strongest and most cutting-edge sectors in the U.S. economy.”

– Michael D. Gallagher, president and CEO,
Entertainment Software Association

The Certificate in Game Design is a six-course program that is both flexible and practical for all levels of experience and interests. It is well suited for enthusiastic amateurs and gamers looking to explore this exciting field as a recreational endeavor, and for those seeking a professional career as a game developer. Students work with an industry knowledgeable advisor to find the courses that best meet their individual needs. People who already have a Bachelors degree can learn about the games industry and focus on developing the skills they need to enhance their existing knowledge and prepare them for a professional career as a game developer. Less experienced students will be guided towards one of two goals: developing skills and a working knowledge within a specific discipline, or gaining a broader working knowledge of the industry and the skills needed to successfully create games.

This is a practice-orientated program that focuses on core principals, concepts, methodologies and skills that are reinforced through the creation of hands-on projects. Students gain experience with professional software programs and techniques, and are empowered to create a portfolio of 2D, 3D, or game design work. There are also many opportunities to work on collaborative team-based projects that mimic real-world game development environments. Theoretical knowledge and practical methods converge within these environments to provide students with the experience they need to truly understand and overcome the complexities involved in making games.

If students wish to take their studies further, the course-work towards the certificate in game design can also be used for credit towards the bachelor's degree in game design.


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Notes and Instructions: 
Students must adhere to course prerequisites or demonstrate comparable experience. Any student unable to demonstrate comparable experience will be required to take (and pay for) additional courses that do not count towards the 6 course units needed for the certificate.