Last Name First Name Division Phone Ext 1 Email
Koepp Leila Natural Science and Mathematics 1310
Koplik Elissa Social and Behavioral Science 1646
Kowalchyk Claudia Social and Behavioral Science 1287
Kreutzer Steven Accounting, Business, CS & Economics 1342
Krieger Nora Education 1407
LaBare Martha Humanities 1326
Luchka Karen Accounting, Business, CS & Economics 1413
McKenzie Ada Humanities 1697
Michailidis Lazaros Accounting, Business, CS & Economics 1376
Mikky Ismat Nursing 1329
Moran Kevin Social and Behavioral Science 1107
More Phyllis Nursing 1325
Morrison Chambers Julia Accounting, Business, CIS & Economics 1380
Murphy James Natural Science and Mathematics 1449
Myers Kenneth Natural Science and Mathematics 1456
Najmi Esmail Social and Behavioral Science 1645
Nicolaides Demetris Natural Science and Mathematics 1321
Nishizawa Yuichiro Creative Arts and Technology 1555
Nova Laura Creative Arts and Technology 1506
Nutter Jeanne Humanities 1280
Obeidat Suhaib Accounting, Business, CS & Economics 1368
Oddo Lynne Creative Arts and Technology 1505
Palmieri Lori Ann Nursing 1330
Pasmantier Anita Accounting, Business, CS & Economics 1341
Penha-Lopes Vania Social and Behavioral Science 1540
Polakoff Erica Social and Behavioral Science 1778
Powell Tina Humanities 1281
Powley Ellen Accounting, Business, CS & Economics 1414
Puccio Paul Humanities 1404
Rawlins Latoya Nursing 1672