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Creative Arts & Technology Division of Bloomfield College Announces Conference
The Division of Creative Arts & Technology's Conference, Alumni Panel, and Luncheon will be held on Saturday, March 24 with the Artist Talk by Flash Rosenberg.
Bloomfield College Game Design Program Ranked 2nd in State by Princeton Review
The Princeton Review released its ninth annual ranking lists naming the best undergraduate and graduate schools for students to study—and launch a career in—game design.
Bloomfield College Announces Director of the Center for Career Development
Throughout her career, Ms. Mendez has been deeply committed to enhancing students' university experience by promoting, developing, and executing experiential education programs for diverse student populations.
Bloomfield College Basketball Coaches Receive High Honors
Bloomfield College basketball coaches Gerald Holmes and Vanessa Watson's talents were recognized.
Bloomfield College Announcing Writing from the Margins
The two-day event (March 22-23) is a free, public program that consists of an exciting line-up of writing workshops, readings, and panel discussions with distinguished writers and scholars. The agenda includes activities for both high school and college-aged students. This year, Sonia Sanchez is the keynote speaker.
Bloomfield College Education Students Meet NJ Teacher of the Year
New Jersey State Teacher of the Year, Amy Andersen, spoke with education majors. Andersen is also in the running for the 2018 National Teacher of the Year, marking the first time since 1972 that a NJ teacher has been a finalist.
Bloomfield College Enters Transfer Agreement with County College of Morris
The Guaranteed Transfer Agreement will enable CCM Education majors to complete their associate degrees at CCM and transfer to Bloomfield College’s Division of Education.

Computer Science; Optimized By Size and Support

Professor Steve Kreutzer talks Cyber Security on One-On-One with Steve Adubato (NJTV). Watch to learn how you can keep your online experience safe.

The Computer Science program at Bloomfield College is growing. Enrollment is up and this STEM field is quickly becoming a highly competitive, destination program. According to Professor Kreutzer, the program’s architect, “Computer Science is the art of applying technology to a business domain to solve problems.” The most prevalent and important problems drive the hottest concentrations in Computer Science.

Our students are studying these subjects -

Computer Security
Ethical Hacking
Mobile Applications Development
Health Care IT

and putting them into practice.

Traditional methods of teaching Computer Science are antiquated.  Professor Kreutzer stays on the cutting-edge by allowing several key principles drive the programs direction:

1) Personal attention is of paramount importance. Small class sizes and the quality of the instructor matter.

2) Schools that train students solely in technology are doing them a disservice. Teamwork, problem solving, creative thought, and entrepreneurial exploration are vital parts of a quality program.

3) Computer Science faculty need to have professional experience in the field.

It should come as no surprise that his program meets this set of criteria. In fact, before coming to Bloomfield College, he was a hiring manager and recruited on campus for AT&T Bell Labs. This serves as a nice segue to, perhaps, the most important aspect of any pre-professional program: career readiness.

Joshua McNeil, a 2014 Bloomfield College graduate, puts a face on this theory. Joshua currently works as a ITLDP Associate Analyst for Johnson and Johnson. The Information Technology Leadership Development Program (ITLDP) is a highly competitive, two-year rotational program for recent college graduates emphasizing leadership and professional development and technical, industry-based skills. Joshua believes he got this opportunity because he was prepared:

"One of the most important differentiators of the Bloomfield College Computer Science program is how classes are conducted. Many people think Computer Science students just type lines of code. Professor Kreutzer’s classes weren’t that type of experience. Yes, we did write code but there was so much more to it than that. Professor Kreutzer had us working on group projects, making presentations, and competing against each other. We didn’t realize it at the time but he was getting us ready. For example, if someone wanted to become a project manager when they graduated, yes, they would have to know code but they would also have to be able to work and communicate with programmers and clients.  The group projects and assignments, and all the professional advice Professor Kreutzer gave us during his class time really helped prepare me for my professional career."

Carlos Cespedes came to Bloomfield College from Passaic County Technical Institute (PCTI) in Wayne, New Jersey.  There he learned the foundations of Computer Science and Network Engineering and the advanced, college prep curriculum prepared him for the faster pace and intensity of a Bachelor’s of Science program. He recently graduated from Bloomfield College with a double major in both fields and is now working as a Software Engineer. He also feels the program is a cut above because of the collegial atmosphere Professor Kreutzer promotes. “I can't think of many programs or colleges where a student can come up to an advisor, suggest a course, list the things they want to learn, and sit in the very same course learning the same things he suggested the following semester. Professor Kreutzer takes our suggestions seriously. I spent many office hours talking to him about what I wanted to learn and I cannot think of a time where he did not incorporate my suggestions. The program's strength is its flexibility,” believes Cespedes.

Our talented faculty and alumni are our greatest resources. Start your story at Bloomfield College, on the cutting-edge of the Computer Science field.

For more information about our Computer Science program, contact the Office of Admission.