Parent Events

Our First-Year Parent Engagement Program offers parents and guardians opportunities to join in special events and activities throughout the year. Take a look at the schedule below or download/print. print first year parent event schedule We look forward to seeing you soon!

AUGUST 2017    
Activity  Date/Time Location
Orientation for Parents and Guardians
August 24, 2017
Van Fossan Theatre


RSVP for the Parent Summit by October 13th

Activity  Date/Time Location
The Parent Summit will be an opportunity to catch up with parents as a group who are interested in a roundtable conversation about the first six weeks of their experiences with BC and their first-year student.


October 21, 2017


Student Center @ Talbott Hall

APRIL 2018

RSVP by March 30th  to attend the Parent Social

Activity  Date/Time Location
Parent Socials: The College invites parents and guardians for appetizers and conversations with other parents at a local restaurant.


April 12, 2017


Bloomfield Steak House,

Bloomfield, NJ