Knox Hall on Bloomfield campus

Student Emergency Loans

Student Emergency Loans (not to exceed $400) are approved for emergency situations listed below:

  • Medical (doctor’s visit, flu shot, medicine, health hold clearances)
  • Housing (emergency relocation/assistance)
  • Food (groceries for commuter students at any time or for resident students during break periods)
  • Books/School Supplies (Note that Bookstore voucher credit will be verified first via the Bursar)
  • Transportation for Commuter Students (such as bus fare, fuel for vehicle, vehicle repair to attend BC classes)
  • Other Critical Needs Related to Your Education at Bloomfield College

Important Information

  1. Student Emergency Loans are not available to pay phone bills, car insurance, haircuts, parking tickets, membership dues, weekend social plans, etc. Student Affairs will determine what is considered an emergency prior to approving a loan.
  2. Student Emergency Loans must be paid back to Bloomfield College Bursar within 60 days of approval.
  3. The College reserves the right to deduct the loan amount from a student credit refund before the refund is issued.
  4. The College reserves the right to place a hold on a student’s account to withhold grades, housing assignments, and/or academic transcripts if the loan is not paid back to the College by the loan due date.
  5. A student is allowed to take out no more than two (2) Student Emergency Book Grants per academic year.
  6. A Student Emergency Loan will not be approved if a student has a prior emergency loan outstanding.
  7. The Student Emergency Loan Fund exists to help students in need. It is important that money loaned is paid back to the College to continue helping other student in need.

How to Apply for an Emergency Loan

Please visit the Office of Student Affairs in Richards Hall, or email Sheila Wooten: