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Last Name First Name Department Phone Ext Email
Adams Margaret Academic Services/Services for Students with Disabilities 1654 margaret_adams@bloomfield.edu
Adewolu Abisola (Abby) Enrollment Management/Admissions 1388 abisola_adewolu@bloomfield.edu
Aguirre Anthony Information Technology 1224 helpdesk@bloomfield.edu
Amill Linda Facilities/Physical Plant 1354 linda_amill@bloomfield.edu
Amin Farzana Human Resources 1133 farzana_amin@bloomfield.edu
Bagce Yanett Salazar TRIO SSS-Star Program 1262 yanett_bagce@bloomfield.edu
Bai Yifeng Center for Teaching & Learning with Technology 1790 yifeng_bai@bloomfield.edu
Barriera Ashley Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning 1661 ashley_barriera@bloomfield.edu
Basler Rich Institutional Advancement 1295 richard_basler@bloomfield.edu
Battiste Kevin Security 1366 kevin_battiste@bloomfield.edu
Benitez Aristalia Student Financial Services/Financial Aid 1213 aristalia_benitez@bloomfield.edu
Bergen Patricia Enrollment Management 1386 patricia_bergen@bloomfield.edu
Berrocal Gloria Academic Services/Registrar 1221 gloria_berrocal@bloomfield.edu
Blandford Todd Security 1366 security@bloomfield.edu
Bolds Harris Security 1366 security@bloomfield.edu
Bonilla Amaryllis Enrollment Mangement/Marketing 1561 amaryllis_bonilla@bloomfield.edu
Boss S'Miyah Business Office 1218 smiyah_boss@bloomfield.edu
Brady James 185 Liberty Street 1224 helpdesk@bloomfield.edu
Brown Waheebah Equal Opportunity Fund 1784 waheebah_brown@bloomfield.edu
Brown-Johnson Leah Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning 1258 leah_brown@bloomfield.edu
Burchfield Rick Enrollment Mangement/Marketing 1387 rick_burchfield@bloomfield.edu
Buxbaum Howard President's Office 1200 howard_buxbaum@bloomfield.edu
Calcagno Vincent Information Technology 1224 helpdesk@bloomfield.edu
Calish Sherrie PBI Grant Office 1681 sherrie_calish@bloomfield.edu
Capozzi Mayra Business Office 1432 mayra_capozzi@bloomfield.edu
Carter Lorraine Social and Behavioral Sciences 1644 lorraine_carter@bloomfield.edu
Cavanagh Kevin Enrollment Management/Admissions 1219 kevin_cavanagh@bloomfield.edu
Christiansen Joanne Creative Arts and Technology 1507 joanne_christiansen@bloomfield.edu
Christiansen Kyle Information Technology 1224 helpdesk@bloomfield.edu
Cibelli Nicole Enrollment Management/Admissions 1390 nicole_cibelli@bloomfield.edu
Last Name First Name Division Phone Ext Email
Aidala Zachary Social and Behavioral Science 1105 Zachary_Aidala@bloomfield.edu
Boeri Natascia Social and Behavioral Science 1778 natascia_boeri@bloomfield.edu
Castro Tammy Natural Science and Mathematics 1445 tammy_castro@bloomfield.edu
Cleophat Nixon Humanities 1236 nixon_cleophat@bloomfield.edu
Collmier Robert Business 1389 robert_collmier@bloomfield.edu
Conrad Angela Humanities 1425 angela_conrad@bloomfield.edu
Cook Grace Natural Science and Mathematics 1273 grace_cook@bloomfield.edu
Cruse-Cohen Christie Business 1377 christie_cruse-cohen@bloomfield.edu
Curtis Debra Natural Science and Mathematics 1316 debra_curtis@bloomfield.edu
Dennis K. Denise Social and Behavioral Science 1284 denise_dennis@bloomfield.edu
DiLiberto Maryann Business 1379 maryann_diliberto@bloomfield.edu
Dillard Esther Humanities 1278 esther_dillard@bloomfield.edu
Edens Gregory Natural Science and Mathematics 1779 gregory_edens@bloomfield.edu
Eguchi Amy Education 1122 amy_eguchi@bloomfield.edu
Fasanella Karen Education 1106 karen_fasanella@bloomfield.edu
Flood Marianne Nursing 1562 marianne_flood@bloomfield.edu
Fralix Brandon Humanities 1139 brandon_fralix@bloomfield.edu
Gadson Jonterri Humanities 1443 jonterri_gadson@bloomfield.edu
Gagnon Doreen Nursing 1134 doreen_gagnon@bloomfield.edu
Gomez-Delgado Abraham Creative Arts and Technology 1730 abraham_gomez-delgado@bloomfield.edu
Gordon Peter Creative Arts and Technology 1773 peter_gordon@bloomfield.edu
Harris-Ramsby Fiona Humanities 1733 fiona_harris-ramsby@bloomfield.edu
Hill Laura Humanities 1732 laura_hill@bloomfield.edu
Jackson Mark Library 1714 mark_jackson@bloomfield.edu
Kardos Peter Social and Behavioral Science 1288 peter_kardos@bloomfield.edu
Koepp Leila Natural Science and Mathematics 1310 leila_koepp@bloomfield.edu
Koplik Elissa Social and Behavioral Science 1646 elissa_koplik@bloomfield.edu
Kowalchyk Claudia Social and Behavioral Science 1287 claudia_kowalchyk@bloomfield.edu
Kreutzer Steven Business 1342 steven_kreutzer@bloomfield.edu
Lee GJ Creative Arts and Technology 1402 gyong_lee@bloomfield.edu