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Last Name First Name Department Phone Ext 1 Email
Cook Alicia Institutional Advancement 1780
Corley Ashton Busines Office 1220
Cortez Jack Security 1415
Courter Kyle Academic Services/Advising-Coaching 1268
Cox Susan Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning 1255
Dacey Susan Human Resources 1440
Dawoud Sandy Residental Education and Housing 1269
DelBagno Julia Enrollment Management/Admissions 1396
Delgado Phil Athletics 1756
Dilkes Christina SSS-STAR Program 1147
DiPietro Karen Student Financial Services/Student Accounts Receivable 1430
Do Hun Gu Natural Science and Mathematics 1781
Dobson Krista Personal Counseling 1302
Doyle Peter Facilities/Physical Plant 1486
Dunkel Alayna Academic Services/Advising-Coaching 1270
Faison Nicole Residential Education and Housing 1558
Fay Vincent Institutional Advancement 1293
Fernandez Jorge Enrollment Management/Admissions 1222
Fields Beverly McNair Program 1662
Flood Lorraine Nursing 1659
Frascati Joni Institutional Advancement 1296
Furman Tonderlaya (Toni) Academic Affairs 1352
Gandy Toriano Creative Arts and Technology Division 1795
Gerstmayr Andrew Office of Enterprise Technology Services 1223
Gonzalez-Egun Yuliana Center for Student Leadership and Engagement 1401
Grimes Tresmaine Academic Affairs 1101
Gros Carolyn Academic Affairs 1114
Haley Mary Ellen Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning 1261
Harris Gladstone Athletics 1788
Hawkins Eileen Enrollment Management 1437
Last Name First Name Division Phone Ext 1 Email
Luchka Karen Accounting, Business, CS & Economics 1413
McCook Nora Humanities 1326
McKenzie Thomas Ada Humanities 1697
Michailidis Lazaros Accounting, Business, CS & Economics 1376
Mikky Ismat Nursing 1329
Moran Kevin Social and Behavioral Science 1107
More Phyllis Nursing 1325
Morrison Chambers Julia Accounting, Business, CIS & Economics 1380
Murphy James Natural Science and Mathematics 1314,1449
Myers Kenneth Natural Science and Mathematics 1456
Najmi Esmail Social and Behavioral Science 1645
Nicolaides Demetris Natural Science and Mathematics 1321
Nishizawa Yuichiro Creative Arts and Technology 1555
Nova Laura Creative Arts and Technology 1506
Nutter Jeanne Humanities 1280
Obeidat Suhaib Accounting, Business, CS & Economics 1368
Oddo Lynne Creative Arts and Technology 1505
Palmieri Lori Ann Nursing 1330
Pasmantier Anita Accounting, Business, CS & Economics 1341
Penha-Lopes Vania Social and Behavioral Science 1540
Pezzolla Karen Education 1521
Powley Ellen Accounting, Business, CS & Economics 1414
Puccio Paul Humanities 1404
Rodriguez Rosita Nursing 1331
Russo Paul Natural Science and Mathematics 1312
Schiro Michael Natural Science and Mathematics 1511
Serra Neddie Nursing 1120
Skinner Daniel Social and Behavioral Science 1282
Spies Carolyn Academic Affairs 1285
Svercauski Jacquelyn Nursing 1328