Photo of Knox Hall.

Tuition and Costs

All students should have the opportunity to attend the institution that is right for them via access, affordability and excellence. Thanks to our merger with Montclair State University, Bloomfield College now offers one of the lowest tuition rates in New Jersey.

Tuition Rates

Before you get started – some students are eligible to pay reduced rates on tuition. Please be sure to check Tuition Discounts to see if you’re eligible.

Full-time Tuition Rates

Students taking 12-20 credits are considered full-time. Full-time enrollment carries a Comprehensive/Registration Fee of $527.85 per semester.

  • In-State: $13,710 per year
  • Out-of-State: $23,070 per year

Part-time Tuition Rates

Students taking less than 12 credits are considered part-time. Part-time enrollment carries a Comprehensive/Registration Fee of $35.19 per credit.

  • Part-time Undergraduate
    • In-state: $457 per credit
    • Out-of-State: $769 per credit
  • RN/BSN Accelerated Program: Cost per course TBA
  • Graduate Programs: Cost per course TBA
  • Summer Session: Cost per Course TBA
  • Audit (subject to approval of Registrar): Cost per course TBA

Financial Aid and Assistance

In addition to the reduction in tuition and mandatory fees, Bloomfield students are also eligible for the same state and federal aid as Montclair students. In some cases, there may be an adjustment of institutional aid (merit, need-based and/or athletic aid). Contact Student Financial Services if you have questions.

Phone: 973-748-9000, ext. 1212

Housing and Meals

Resident students are required to carry a meal plan. The costs below reflect the cost of the room assignment and an unlimited meal plan.

Location Annual Cost
Clee & Schweitzer $13,140
23 Park Place $13,640
225 Liberty Street $14,140
Franklin Street $14,440

Non-tuition Costs

Description Cost Rate
Admission Application $40 One-time
Deferred Payment Set-up $25 Per Semester
Drop Fee $10 Per Occurrence
ID Card Replacement $25 Per Occurrence
Late Bill Settlement $150 Per Semester
Life Learning Assessment $500 Per Occurrence
New Student Tuition Deposit – Commuter $150 One-time
New Student Tuition Deposit – Resident $250 One-time
Parking Permit – Commuter $107 Annual
Parking Permit – Resident $100 Annual
Mandatory Room Insurance (Residents Only) $160 Annual
Student Health Insurance – Domestic (Opt-Out Policy) $1,098 Annual
Student Health Insurance – International (Mandatory) $1,098 Annual
Summer housing for eligible students (no meal plan) $125 Weekly
Text Books (estimated) $625 Per Semester
Transcript Request by Mail $5 Per Occurence
Transcript Request in Person TBD Per Occurence