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The Bloomfield College Nursing Student Association (BCNSA) is a student led organization that empowers nursing students to explore educational and employment opportunities, benefit their college community, and support each other through their journey into the nursing profession. 

January 2014

Senior Missionary Trip / Disability / Welcome New Faculty

November 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Walk Kessler Rehabilitation Center / Image of Nursing – “Don’t Call Me Just a Nurse” / Motivational Quote of the Month / Community Education – Get Your Flu Vaccine! / Student Nursing Experience / Why I Chose Nursing / Nursing Scholarship Winners / Support BCNSA – Clothing Sale

October 2013

Suicide Prevention Awareness Walk | Upcoming Events - Breast Cancer Walk | Ways to Support BCNSA | Meet our Nursing Peer Mentors | Nursing Scholarship Winners | Breast Cancer Awareness Month & Community Education | Student Nursing Experience | Motivational Quote of the Month | Faculty Corner
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