Creative Arts and Technology Core

About the Program: 

Admissions Procedures and Standards

Freshmen Admission to the CAT Major:

  1. Freshmen entering Bloomfield College may declare themselves as "Pre-CAT's."
  2. Admission to CAT is based on successful completion of 3 CAT courses, an admissions essay, portfolio review and an interview with a CAT Discipline Coordinator.
  • A freshman applying to CAT must have earned a minimum 2.7 average in CAT 110 and CAT 112 (Digital Media Studio I and II) and one other full-course unit CAT course. Applicants must have a minimum GAP of 2.3.
  • The admissions essay topic is "describe yourself as a creative person. What are your creative ambitions and what do you want to learn as a CAT major?" This essay may describe work submitted in the portfolio.
  • The portfolio must be the applicant's best work.

Please contact the Creative Arts and Technology Division (Ext. 1507) to receive instructions for portfolio submissions.

Transfer Students and Admission to CAT:

Transfer students are not automatically admitted to the CAT major. All transfer students must write an essay describing their creative work and aspirations. They must meet with a discipline coordinator for portfolio review, which is used to assess technical and artistic proficiencies.

Transfer students with an AA degree, a minimum 2.7 average in a CAT concentration, and a successful interview and good portfolio will be admitted to the major.

Since transfer students often work in a new concentration, it may take more than four years total (junior college and Bloomfield College) to graduate with the B.A. in CAT.

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