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Section and Number: 
SOC 491

(Also WMS 491)

See Internships in Sociology below for course description, prerequisites and application procedure.

Cannot be substituted with portfolio assessment.

(Fall and Spring)

Students majoring in Sociology are required to take either SOC 450 Senior Research Seminar, or an internship. Students may take both internship classes for credit. The Internships in Sociology involve weekly class meetings and a minimum of 96 hours of internship experience over the course of the semester in an approved appropriate agency, institute, or organization. The courses integrate students hands-on experiences as interns, with theory and case study analysis of social issues, problems and institutions. Each class is limited to 12 students. Cannot be substituted with portfolio assessment.

Acceptance into the internship classes is based on the following criteria:
1. Class standing (Seniors have preference over Juniors)
2. Sociology GPA
3. Satisfactory completion of the Internship Program Application Procedure which includes:

A. The application form and personal essay in which the students goals and objectives, motivations, interests, interpersonal skills and previous relevant experiences are clearly articulated.

B. Two letters of recommendation from Faculty who are familiar with the students interests and performance in related courses.

C. Interview with the Internship Coordinator. The interview will help the Coordinator to assess students readiness and degree of motivation for the internship experience, and help students explore options regarding the most suitable placements.

Prerequisite Details: 

SOC 215 with a C or better, SOC 320, SOC 325, application, and consent of the Instructor.