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Housing Selection


Housing Selection Information for Returning Resident Students

Please be sure to read all of the Housing Selection material completely. If you have a question regarding the process after reading the Housing Selection materials, please contact the REH Office at 208 Liberty Street or call ext. 1247.

During housing selection, students will be given the opportunity to sign up for a particular residence hall/house and room.  This process will be based on the assumption that all locations are vacant and everyone will have to apply or reapply for their preferred room assignment.

The Single Bedroom Sign Ups will be offered on a first come first serve basis. This process will be open to all rising Seniors.



  • To reside on campus and be guaranteed a housing space for the Fall 2013 semester, you must:
  • Be registered as a full time student for the Fall 2013 semester by May 11, 2013.
  • Pay $100 deposit to the Bursar Office.
    • Clear your entire bill with the College by July 19, 2013.
  • Certain residence hall rooms (i.e. University Centre and 225 Liberty) are charged at a higher rate and require a minimum number of persons in order to be selected.  (For example, 2 persons for doubles, 3 persons for triples, 4 persons for quad apartments).  Students are encouraged to select your roommate(s) and suitemates prior to housing selection.  Unassigned room vacancies will be filled by REH.
  • Commuter students wishing to live on campus next year must complete a Housing Application and submit a $100 security deposit via the Bursar to the Office of Residential Education & Housing at time of application submission.   The security deposit is held until you leave housing and will be refunded as long as there are no balances on your account with the Bursar (such as damages, fees, etc.).  This year, commuter students will be allowed to participate in housing selection on the last day (April 11th) and will be placed in any open beds that remain.  If there are no available unassigned beds, commuter students will be placed on the wait list in the date/time order in which their applications are received and will be accommodated in the summer as spaces become available. 
  • The University Centre and 225 Liberty have been designated as "Premium Housing".  Only upperclassmen in good academic and judicial standing, with a cumulative G.P.A of 2.3 or above will be permitted to live at those locations.  Housing assignments will be placed under review if the student has more than two disciplinary actions in their student file.  Good citizenship and involvement with the TRUE and PULSE program are also criteria that will be reviewed as a part of your eligibility for housing.
  • $100 Housing Deposit must be paid to the Bursar Office beginning March 11th until April 9, 2013 in order to participate in housing selection.   Students must obtain a receipt of payment for their housing deposit and bring it to housing selection with the housing application.  Students who submit their housing deposit after April 9th will be charged an administrative late fee of $25.
  • Residents must clear their entire bill with Bloomfield College (tuition, housing, and related fees) by July 19, 2013 for the Fall semester and January 12, 2013 for the spring semester. Failure to be cleared by July 19th or January 12th will result in forfeiture of originally assigned space and placement on the waitlist. There is no guarantee that you will receive housing if you forfeit your housing assignment.
  • If a student accepts an assigned room via signature on the Terms of Agreement for the Fall and Spring semester (one academic year), and withdraws after July 19th before the start of the Fall semester, that student will be charged a cancellation fee of $500. Note -- Exception will be made for students assigned a room after July 19th and before the start of the Fall semester.  Students withdrawing after the first day of class will be penalized.  ALL WITHDRAWALS MUST BE DONE IN WRITING TO THE REH OFFICE.
  • VERY IMPORTANT -- To participate in housing selection, all residents must bring with them the lottery ticket (if applicable) they received from REH, their completed housing application, housing deposit receipt for $100, proxy form (if applicable), Financial Aid Confirmation form, and a valid student Bloomfield College ID. Failure to have necessary documents will prevent you from participating in housing selection.   
  • Be sure to begin your financial aid paperwork with the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible.  Your application packet is not complete until your FAFSA forms are filed with Financial Aid.  The deadline for resident students to file is June 1, 2013.  The priority deadline is March 15, 2013.



Housing Selection will take place on April 10-11, 2013

Items Required For Housing Selection:

  1. Completed Housing Application
  2. Housing Deposit Receipt from the Bursar’s Office
  3. Bloomfield College ID#
  4. Signed Financial Aid Form
  5. Proxy Form (if applicable)


DAY ONE-Wednesday, April 10, 2013 (Deacon’s Den)

Lottery Day & Seniors and Juniors (rising academic status as of Fall 2013 semester)

One Bedroom Lottery - Open to Seniors ONLY


Rising Seniors (as of the Fall 2013 semester)


Rising Senior Housing Selection

11:30am – 1pm


1pm –2pm

Rising Juniors (as of the Fall 2013 semester)

Rising Junior Housing Selection

2pm – 4:30pm




DAY TWO-Thursday, April 11, 2013 (Deacon’s Den)

Sophomore (rising academic status as of the Fall 2013 semester)

Rising Sophomores Housing Selection


Individuals Without A Pre-Selected Roommate(s) (rising academic status as of the Fall 2013 semester)

Rising Seniors, Juniors, & Sophomores


Commuter Students (rising academic status as of the Fall 2013 semester)

Seniors, Juniors. & Sophomores