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BEST Program: On-Campus and Federal Community Service Positions

Career and Work Ready (CWR) BEST Program

"Bloomfield Educates Students for Tomorrow through Career Experiences Today."


The Career and Work Ready (CWR) BEST Program at Bloomfield College includes the Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program which is a program based on financial need and for which the federal government appropriates funds.  Eligibility is determined by filing the FAFSA and awarded to students by the Office of Student Financial Services.  The Federal Work-Study Program provides need-based funds for student employees to earn money while working part-time at an approved on-campus or off-campus (not-for-profit organization) Federal Community Service site.


Bloomfield College is committed to student employment and provides supplemental funding for additional part-time jobs for student employees through Bloomfield College Student Employment Program funds for students not eligible for Federal Work-Study. 


Through the Career and Work Ready (CWR) BEST Program, Federal Work-Study (FWS) and Bloomfield College Student Employees work part-time while gaining career related experience.  “What sets Bloomfield College’s program apart from others is that we view it as a career development program. Our goal is to help students achieve both professional and personal development”.  


Student employees in the CWR BEST Program are presented with challenging work assignments and play important roles in the departments where they work. Our supervisors take on the roles of mentors, coaches, and trainers. As a result, our CWR BEST Student Employees not only “earn”, but they also “learn and serve.”


For more information, please contact the Center for Career Development, ext. 1250.