Orientation Reading Component


As you begin to write your story at Bloomfield College, we would like to introduce you to another story,  Silence Once Begun by Jesse Ball.  This novel has been selected as the Orientation Reading Component summer reading and is required reading for all incoming freshmen.   The Orientation Reading Component exposes our freshmen students to college level reading and the type of academic activity you will soon be participating in at Bloomfield College.  We are providing a FREE copy of this book for all Bloomfield College Freshmen when you register for your classes.  Please read this book before you come to the three-day orientation activities from Wednesday, August 24, 2016 - Friday, August 26, 2016.  As a new student at Bloomfield College, you are required to attend this event.

At New Student Orientation, among other activities, you and a small group of other new students will join a professor to discuss this reading selection in a college classroom environment. Please remember that it will be much easier and much more rewarding to participate in the discussion if you’ve read the book before attending orientation.  We suggest that you read the book thoroughly and reflectively and then begin to formulate your own opinions on the issues raised by the reading.


Over the course of several months, eight people vanish from their homes int he same Japanese town, a single playing card found on each door.  Known as "the Narito Disappearances/"  the crime has authorities baffled-until a confession appears on the police's doorstep, signed by one Oda Sotatsu, a thread salesman.

Sotatsu is arrested, jailed and interrogated, but he refuses to speak.  Even as his family comes to visit, even as his execution looms, and even as a young woman name Jito Joo enters his cell, he maintains his vow of silence.  And as a journalist's obsession uncovers more to the story, Jesse Ball spins a wildly inventive and emotionally powerful take of unjust conviction and lost love.

If you have not received a copy of the book please contact the Center for Student Leadership & Engagement at 973-748-9000 ext. 1144 to find out how to get your copy.  We hope you enjoy your summer reading, Silence Once Begun.  We look forward to meeting you this fall and assisting you in your future here at Bloomfield College where you will ‘write your own story.’