First Name Last Name Department Phone Ext 1 Email
Dorothy Zahran Natural Science and Mathematics 1313
Carolyn Spies Academic Affairs 1285
Marion Terenzio Academic Affairs 1101
Denise Smith Academic Affairs 1101
Carolyn Gros Academic Affairs 1114
Tonderlaya (Toni) Furman Academic Affairs 1352
Kerry Feder Academic Affairs 1124
Elisa Terranova Social and Behavioral Science 1644
Donna Lipinski Accounting, Business,CIS & Economics 1339
Faneza Hoosain-Ally Academic Services/Advising-Coaching 1322
Gloria Farfan (Berrocal) Academic Services/Registrar 1221
Annette Raymond Academic Services/Registrar 1271
Theresa (Tracy) Perry Academic Services/Advising-Coaching 1759
Margaret Adams Academic Services/Services for Students with Disabilities 1654
Susan Haddow Acdemic Services/Advising-Coaching 1171
Alayna Dunkel Academic Services/Advising-Coaching 1270
Cassia D'Amico Academic Services/Registrar 1215 Cassia_D'
Robert Deischer Academic Services/Advising-Coaching 1268
Daniel Gerger International Training and Professional Studies 1438
Chelsea Davis Admissions 1248
Nicole Cibelli Admissions 1390
Roydon Pellew Admissions 1381
Ashton Corley Admissions 1392
Barry Zucker Admissions 1251
Monika Pollick Enrollment Management 1388
Nkemdilim Ukwu McNair Program 1663