First Namesort ascending Last Name Department Phone Ext Email Building/Location
Evelyn Walker-Bacon Health Services 1603 Student Center
Eva Papp Information Technology 1224 185 Liberty Street
Eugene Muller Institutional Research 1227 Siebert Hall
Erin Milling Information Technology 1224 185 Liberty
Erik Smith Office of Information Services 1382 Talbott Hall
Emy Kamihara Global Studies 1416 Voorhees Hall
Elizabeth Felsovalyi Office of Information Services 1223 Talbott Hall
Elisa DeGiacomo Social and Behavioral Science 1644 59 Fremont
Eleanor Gonnella Health Services 1360 Student Center
Elaine Jackson-Blue Payroll 1203 Knox Hall
Elaine Zarzecki Nursing 1375 College Hall
Edward Simon Service Center 1265 Richards Hall
Dorothy Zahran Natural Science and Mathematics 1313 College Hall
Donna Lipinski Accounting, Business,CIS & Economics 1339 53 Fremont
Donna McDonald Center for Career Development 1266 12 Austin
Diane Lamberti Operator 0 225 Liberty
Diana Uribe Services for Students with Disabilities 1650 Learning Resource Center
Devrim Ozgur Creative Arts and Technology Division 1109 Westminster Hall
Denise Smith Academic Affairs 1101 73 Oakland
Denise Wilburn Athletics 1362 Gymnasium
Debra Hartley Marketing 1387 2 Broad Street
Debbie Viaud Student Financial Services 1206 Knox Hall
David Wademan Office of Information Services 1710, Knox Hall
Darren Fisher Information Technology 1224 185 Liberty Street
Danilo Figueredo Library 1337 Library
Danielle Morgart Student Financial Services 1204 Knox Hall
Daniel Mendoza Admission 1251 1 Park Place
Cynthia McDaniel Controller 1441 Knox Hall
Christopher Langner Natural Science and Mathematics 1781 College Hall
Christina Nolan President's Office 1290 Siebert Hall