First Name Last Namesort ascending Department Phone Ext Email Building/Location
Cassia D'Amico Registrar 1215 Cassia_D' 229 Liberty
Paula Craig Humanities 1276 Siebert Hall
Susan Cox Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning 1255 Learning Resource Center
Jack Cortez Security 1415 225 Liberty
Carol Contella Service Center 1263 Richards Hall
Rocco Constantino Athletics 1756 Gymnasium
Josephine Cohn Academic Affairs 1259 2 Broad Street
Nicole Cibelli Admission 1390 1 Park Place
Joanne Christiansen Creative Arts and Technology 1507 Westminster Hall
Tia Cherry Residential Education and Housing 1269 208 Liberty
Michael Chavis Residential Education and Housing 1351 208 Liberty
Adam Castro Enrollment Management 1219 1 Park Place
Mayra Capozzi Administration and Finance 1432 Knox Hall
Sherrie Calish PBI Grant Office 1681 2 Broad Street/Room 204
Vincent Calcagno Information Technology 1224 185 Liberty Street
Howard Buxbaum Administration and Finance 1200 Knox Hall
Bakir Brown Educational Opportunity Fund 1344 Voorhees Hall
James Brady Information Technology 1224 Knox Hall
Harris Bolds Security 1366 225 Liberty
Andrea Betro International Training and Professional Studies 1655 2 Broad Street
Christina Berrouet Student Affairs 1357 208 Liberty
Kevin Battiste Security 1366 229 Liberty
Annmarie Battista Library 1332 Library
Rich Basler Institutional Advancement 1295 68 Oakland
Jackie Bartley Institutional Advancement 1299 68 Oakland
Yifeng Bai Center for Teaching & Learning with Technology 1790 Library
Rachel Babish ITPS 1480 2 Broad Street
Linda Amill Service Center 1354 Richards Hall
Bado Alverna Center for Student Leadership and Engagement 1300 Student Center
Gina Aloe Center for Career Development 1250 12 Austin