First Namesort descending Last Name Department Phone Ext Email Building/Location
Elizabeth Felsovalyi Office of Information Services 1223 Talbott Hall
Erik Smith Office of Information Services 1382 Talbott Hall
Eugene Muller Institutional Research 1227 Siebert Hall
Eva Papp Information Technology 1224 185 Liberty Street
Faneza Hoosain-Ally Academic Services/Advising-Coaching 1322 229 Liberty
Faneza Hoosain-Ally Advising 1322 229 Liberty
Fernando Xelo Information Technology 1224 185 Liberty
Gail Ponder SSS-STAR Program 1167 Learning Resource Center
Gerald Holmes Athletics 1374 Gymnasium
Gina Thomas PBI Grant Office 1682 2 Broad Street/Room 204
Gladstone Harris Athletics 1788 Gymnasium
Gloria Farfan (Berrocal) Academic Services 1221 229 Liberty
Harris Bolds Security 1366 225 Liberty
Heather Shpiro Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning 1258 Learning Resource Center
Howard Buxbaum Administration and Finance 1200 Knox Hall
Jack McGrane Service Center 1424 Richards Hall
Jack Cortez Security 1415 225 Liberty
Jackie Cividanes Athletics 1768 Gymnasium
Jackie Bartley Institutional Advancement 1299 68 Oakland
James Brady Information Technology 1224 Knox Hall
Jamie Shahin Student Financial Services 1220 Knox Hall
Jamilah Moudiab Admission 1127 1 Park Place
Janis Oolie Institutional Advancement 1294 68 Oakland
Jarren Harrison Student Financial Services 1218 Knox Hall
Jeffery Watson Athletics 1791 Gymnasium
Jennifer Troxell Center for Student Leadership and Engagement 1401 Student Center
Jennifer Virgil Athletics 1364 Gymnasium
Jessica Zawerczuk Marketing 1561 2 Broad Street
Joanne Christiansen Creative Arts and Technology 1507 Westminster Hall
Joni Frascati Institutional Advancement 1293 68 Oakland