First Name Last Namesort ascending Department Phone Ext Email Building/Location
Denise Smith Academic Affairs 1101 73 Oakland
Michael Sinisi Maintenance 1263 Richards Hall
Edward Simon Service Center 1265 Richards Hall
Breanne Simkin Student Financial Services 1213 Knox Hall
Scott Sim Security 1366 225 Liberty
Heather Shpiro Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning 1258 Learning Resource Center
Jamie Shahin Student Financial Services 1220 Knox Hall
Cecile Sarmadi Accounting Office 1427 Knox Hall
Nikki Santoro Center for Career Development 1250 12 Austin Place
Carol Ruiz Center for Career Development 1205 12 Austin Place
Lisa Ruiz Nursing 1324 74 Oakland
De Romuald (Rome) Romulus Residential Education and Housing 1357 Franklin Hall
Michelle Roman Institutional Research 1133 Siebert Hall
Lindsay Robinson Residential Education and Housing 1247 Franklin Hall
Leonard Roberts Student Affairs 1242 208 Liberty
Kyle Rivers Marketing 1267 2 Broad Street
Raquel Rivera Admission 1749 1 Park Place
Lisa Richlan International Training and Professional Studies 1656 2 Broad Street
Annette Raymond Acdemic Services/Registrar 1271 229 Liberty
Robert Radics Information Technology 1224 185 Liberty Street
Brenda Quintyne SSS-STAR Program 1262 Learning Resource Center
Nicole Quinn Institutional Advancement 1297 68 Oakland
Stanley Porteur Library 1794 Library
Schentel Porter Residential Education and Housing 1792 Franklin Hall
Mary Porcelli Education 1125 Jarvie Hall
Gail Ponder SSS-STAR Program 1167 Learning Resource Center
Monika Pollick Enrollment Management 1388 1 Park Place
Alessandro Pilaia Information Technology 1224 185 Liberty Street
Theresa (Tracy) Perry Academic services 1759 229 Liberty
Roydon Pellew Admissions 1381 1 Park Place