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First Name Last Name Department Phone Ext Email
Seong-Yoon Kang International Training and Professional Studies 1729 Seongyoon_Kang@bloomfield.edu
Josephine Cohn Academic Affairs 1259 Josephine_Cohn@bloomfield.edu
Victoria Ayetigbo Cemter for Career Development 1250 Victoria_ayetigbo@bloomfield.edu
Bakir Brown Educational Opportunity Fund 1344 Bakir_Brown@bloomfield.edu
Tia Cherry EOF 1345 Tia_Cherry@bloomfield.edu
Beverly Fields McNair Program 1662 Beverly_Fields@bloomfield.edu
Maretta Hodges Educational Opportunity Fund 1348 Maretta_Hodges@bloomfield.edu
Michele Drinkard Educational Opportunity Fund 1348 Michele_Drinkard@bloomfield.edu
Tawn Walker Educational Opportunity Fund 1784 Tawn_Walker@bloomfield.edu
Faneza Hoosain-Ally Advising 1322 Faneza_Hoosain-Ally@bloomfield.edu
Kevin Battiste Security 1366 Kevin_Battiste@bloomfield.edu
Scott Sim Security 1366 Scott_Sim@bloomfield.edu
Harris Bolds Security 1366 Security@bloomfield.edu
Jack Cortez Security 1415 Jack_Cortez@bloomfield.edu
Diane Lamberti Operator 0 Diane_Lamberti@bloomfield.edu
Rose Mitchell Student Affairs 1457 Rose_Mitchell@bloomfield.edu
Leonard Roberts Student Affairs 1242 Leonard_Roberts@bloomfield.edu
SueAnn Harrison Student Affairs 1245 sueann_harrison@bloomfield.edu
Patrick Lamy Student Affairs 1243 Patrick_Lamy@bloomfield.edu
Nereida Montijo Center for Student Leadership and Engagement 1673 Nereida_Montijo@bloomfield.edu
Lucia Winston Personal Counseling 1302 Lucia_Winston@bloomfield.edu
Robert Martinez Health Services 1360 Robert_Martinez@bloomfield.edu
Renee Diaz Center for Student Leadership and Engagement 1144 Renee_Diaz@bloomfield.edu
Jennifer Troxell Center for Student Leadership and Engagement 1401 Jennifer_Troxell@bloomfield.edu
Carissa Kison Health Services 1439 Carissa_Kison@bloomfield.edu
Yuliana Gonzalez Center for Student Leadership and Engagement 1300 yuliana_gonzalez@bloomfield.edu
Sharon McNulty Personal Counseling 1403 sharon_mcnulty@bloomfield.edu
Danilo Figueredo Library 1337 Danilo_Figueredo@bloomfield.edu
Lou LaMedica Media Center 1452 Lou_Lamedica@bloomfield.edu
Barbara Isacson Media Center 1370 Barbara_Isacson@bloomfield.edu