Last Name First Name Department Phone Ext 1 Email
Dunkel Alayna Academic Services/Advising-Coaching 1270
Perry Theresa (Tracy) Academic Services/Advising-Coaching 1759
Lipinski Donna Business 1339
Carter Lorraine Social and Behavioral Sciences 1644
Spies Carolyn Academic Affairs 1285
Grimes Tresmaine Academic Affairs 1101
Gros Carolyn Academic Affairs 1114
Smith Denise Academic Affairs 1101
Furman Tonderlaya (Toni) Academic Affairs 1352
Cook Alicia Institutional Advancement 1780
Zurlo Steven Nursing 1119
Ruiz Lisa Nursing 1324
Flood Lorraine Nursing 1659
Zahran Dorothy Natural Science and Mathematics 1313
Zarzecki Elaine Nursing 1375
Do Hun Gu Natural Science and Mathematics 1781
Patel Mayura Natural Science and Mathematics 1596
Cividanes Jackie Athlethics 1768
Morgan-Richman Lisa Athletics 1765
Watson Vanessa Athletics 1422
Harris Gladstone Athletics 1788
Porcelli Mary Education 1125
Houston Kenya Student Accounts Receivable 1228
Joseph Nadege Financial Aid 1399
Dacey Susan Human Resources 1440
McDaniel Cindy Finance and Administration 1441
Wilson Stephen Student Accounts Receivable 1483
Martinez Silvia Financial Aid 1442
Gerstmayr Andrew Office of Enterprise Technology Services 1223
McDonald Bill Finance and Administration 1207