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First Name Last Namesort ascending Department Phone Ext Email
Jessica Zawerczuk Marketing 1561 Jessica_Zawerczuk@bloomfield.edu
Elaine Zarzecki Nursing 1375 Elaine_Zarzecki@bloomfield.edu
Dorothy Zahran Natural Science and Mathematics 1313 Dorothy_Zahran@bloomfield.edu
Fernando Xelo Information Technology 1224 Helpdesk@bloomfield.edu
Matthew Wright Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning 1260 Matthew_Wright@bloomfield.edu
Sheila Wooten Athletics 1363 Sheila_Wooten@bloomfield.edu
Lucia Winston Personal Counseling 1302 Lucia_Winston@bloomfield.edu
Denise Wilburn Athletics 1362 Denise_Wilburn@bloomfield.edu
Jeffery Watson Athletics 1791 Jeffery_Watson@bloomfield.edu
Tawn Walker Educational Opportunity Fund 1784 Tawn_Walker@bloomfield.edu
Celeste Walden-Kelley SSS-STAR Program 1170 Celeste_Walden-Kelley@bloomfield.edu
David Wademan Office of Information Services 1710 David_Wademan@bloomfield.edu, ois@bloomfield.edu
Nicholas Von Hagel Westminster Arts Center 1446 Nicholas_VonHagel@bloomfield.edu
Jennifer Virgil Athletics 1364 Jennifer_Jennings@bloomfield.edu
Debbie Viaud Student Financial Services 1206 Debbie_Viaud@bloomfield.edu
Darol Vasquez Residential Education and Housing 1269 darol_vasquez@bloomfield.edu
Sandra Van Dyk Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning 1661 Sandra_VanDyk@bloomfield.edu
Nkemdilim Ukwu McNair Program 1663 Nkemdilim_Ukwu@bloomfield.edu
Burcin Tuncalp Office of Information Services 1741 Burcin_Tuncalp@bloomfield.edu
Jennifer Troxell Center for Student Leadership and Engagement 1401 Jennifer_Troxell@bloomfield.edu
Sandy Trapp Education 1110 Sandy_Trapp@bloomfield.edu
Milena Torres Accounting Office 1430 Milena_Torres@bloomfield.edu
Gina Thomas PBI Grant Office 1682 Gina_Thomas@bloomfield.edu
Elisa Terranova Social and Behavioral Science 1644 Elisa_Degiacomo@bloomfield.edu
Marion Terenzio Academic Affairs 1101 Marion_Terenzio@bloomfield.edu
Stephanie Steines Nursing 1119 Stephanie_Steines@bloomfield.edu
Carolyn Spies Academic Affairs 1285 Carolyn_Spies@bloomfield.edu
Erik Smith Office of Information Services 1382 Erik_Smith@bloomfield.edu
Denise Smith Academic Affairs 1101 Denise_Smith@bloomfield.edu
Michael Sinisi Maintenance 1263 Michael_Sinisi@bloomfield.edu