First Name Last Name Department Phone Ext Email Building/Locationsort descending
Romeo Romulus Enrollment Management 1381 1 Park Place
Julia DelBagno Admission 1396 1 Park Place
Daniel Mendoza Admission 1251 1 Park Place
Micale Dort Admission 1248 1 Park Place
Jamilah Moudiab Admissions 1127 1 Park Place
Adam Castro Enrollment Management 1219 1 Park Place
Raquel Rivera Admission 1749 1 Park Place
Edward Simon Service Center 1265 Richards Hall
Carol Contella Service Center 1263 Richards Hall
Mildred (Bootie) Intili Mailroom 1264 Richards Hall
Michael Sinisi Maintenance 1263 Richards Hall
Linda Amill Service Center 1354 Richards Hall
Jack McGrane Service Center 1424 Richards Hall
Peter Doyle Service Center 1486 Richards Hall
Stanley Davis Maintenance 1214 Richards Hall
Elizabeth Felsovalyi Office of Information Services 1223 Talbott Hall
Vincent Panaggio Maintenance 1742 Talbott Hall
Erik Smith Office of Information Services 1382 Talbott Hall
Burcin Tuncalp Office of Information Services 1741 Talbott Hall
Lou LaMedica Media Center 1452 Library
Danilo Figueredo Library 1337 Library
Barbara Isacson Media Center 1370 Library
Yifeng Bai Center for Teaching & Learning with Technology 1790 Library
Stanley Porteur Library 1794 Library
Annmarie Battista Library 1332 Library
Bado Alverna Center for Student Leadership and Engagement 1300 Student Center
Robert Martinez Health Services 1360 Student Center
Renee Diaz Center for Student Leadership and Engagement 1144 Student Center
Evelyn Walker-Bacon Health Services 1603 Student Center
Nereida Montijo Center for Student Leadership and Engagement 1673 Student Center