Last Name First Name Department Phone Ext Email
Walton Kevaan Educational Oppotunity Fund 1344
Rojas Destiny Admission 1392
Drinkard Michele Educational Opportunity Fund 1348
Pante Ruth President's Office 1789
Calish Sherrie PBI Grant Office 1681
Wilburn Denise Athletics 1362
Bolds Harris Security 1366
Brady James Information Technology 1224
Park Soyun International Training and Professional Studies 1406
Haley Mary Ellen Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning 1261
Yang Angela President's Office 1793
Rice Ashley Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning 1661
Doyle Peter Facilities/Physical Plant 1486
Panaggio Vince Maintenance 1742
Zarzecki Elaine Nursing 1375
Watson Jeffery Athletics 1791
Bartley Jackie Institutional Advancement 1299
Meyers Regina Admissions 1437
Harrison SueAnn Student Affairs 1245
Pollick Monika Enrollment Management 1388
Perez Lillian Information Technology 1224
Corley Ashton Athletics 1756
Dilkes Christina SSS-STAR Program 1147
Nolan Christina President's Office 1290
Sim Scott Security 1366
Von Hagel Nicholas Westminster Arts Center 1446
Simkin Breanne Student Financial Services 1213
Raymond Annette Academic Services/Registrar 1271
Virgil Jennifer Athletics 1364
Harris Gladstone Athletics 1788