Last Name First Name Department Phone Ext Email
Zahran Dorothy Natural Science and Mathematics 1313
Zarzecki Elaine Nursing 1375
Flood Lorraine Nursing 1659
Morgan Lisa Athletics 1765
Fluhr Philip Athletics 1361
Harris Gladstone Athletics 1788
Cividanes Jackie Athlethics 1768
Caputo David Athlethics 1422
Porcelli Mary Education 1125
Dacey Susan Human Resources 1440
Smith Erik Office of Information Services 1382
Shahin Jamie Student Financial Services 1220
Mourad Ashraf Student Financial Services 1399
Jones Joshua Student Financial Services 1442
Gandy Toriano Creative Arts and Technology Division 1773
Christiansen Joanne Creative Arts and Technology 1507
Tutt Alicia Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning 1256
Shay Keisha Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning 1257
Mormando Barbara Purchasing 1209
Levao Richard President 1290
Yang Angela President's Office 1793
Palagano Nicole Personal Counseling 1403
Ofori Terri Student Affairs 1393
Gonzalez Yuliana Center for Student Leadership and Engagement 1300
Louis Gabrielle Center for Leadership and Engagement 1144
Walton Kevaan Educational Oppotunity Fund 1344
Ozgur Devrim Creative Arts and Technology 1109
Huynh John Creative Arts and Technology 1712
McDonald Donna Center for Career Development 1266
Tutiven Anna Marie Center for Career Development 1450