Faculty Highlights

The dedicated faculty in the Division of Humanities continue to write the book on excellence in their fields. Here are just some of the highlights of their Spring 2015 achievements:

English Professor Martha J. LaBare, M.A., won the Joyce Carroll Oates Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Dr. Brandon Fralix, English Professor at Bloomfield College, and his colleagues are recipients of a prestigious Mellon Grant that will support their work to develop a searchable database to report the results of a national census of writing programs, writing centers, and writing majors at four-year and two-year schools.  They completed collecting the survey data of over 700 four-year schools and are processing the data, and are starting the survey of the two-year schools. He will be presenting his findings at the Council of Writing Program Administrators conference in Boise, Idaho in the middle of July.

Future stories to be told include:

Dr. Angela Conrad, Dr. Fiona Harris-Ramsby, Roberto Osti, and student Mubarak Muhammad are presenting at the Monsters and Monstrosity conference at Oxford University's Mansfield College in July. Thier presentation is titled “Fear and Loathing in New Jersey”: Monstrous Pedagogy at Bloomfield College."

Dr. Laura Hill, History Professor, will be participating in an NEH seminar for two weeks in June, where she'll be work-shopping the first chapter of her book Strike the Hammer While the Iron Is Hot: The Black Freedom Struggle in Rochester, NY, 1940-1970.

Additionally, Dr. Conrad and one of our graduating seniors, Heidi Tribble '15, are both presenting at  the 60th Annual Willa Cather Spring Conference titled "Fragments of Desire: Cather and the Arts"  in Red Cloud, Nebraska.

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