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Endorsement Programs: Early Childhood Education (Preschool-3)

About the Program: 

Bloomfield College offers a fast-paced weekend program that you can complete in as little as 18 months to prepare for initial teacher certification in early childhood education, elementary education, middle or secondary education. Alternatively, if you already have an initial teaching certification, you can enroll in a fast-track program to obtain an endorsement in special education or early childhood education. 

For the initial teacher certification, you would attend class for three trimesters and complete your student teaching assignment during the day in your final semester.

When are courses available?
Courses are available on Friday evening and all day Saturday. You can also enroll in courses during weekday evenings.

Two Endorsement Programs
For applicants who currently have an initial teaching certificate, we offer two endorsement certification programs, one in special education and one in early childhood education.

  • Special Education Endorsement (Kindergarten through grade 12): This program provides holders of an initial teaching certificate to become dually certified in the grade level and/or subject area of their current New Jersey teacher certification. The program consists of a five and a half course sequence that qualifies you for Teacher of Students with Disabilities (TOSD) Endorsement.
  • Early Childhood Education (Preschool through 3rd grade): The P-3 alternate route certification program is for elementary certified teachers and teachers employed in community early childhood settings. This program is a three-and-a-half course sequence that will assist in completing the requirements for the early childhood teaching certificate.

Apply now online or download the PDF application.

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