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Secondary Education

About the Program: 

This program is geared to preparing high school teachers who will teach students from diverse backgrounds, cultures and communities. You will choose a subject area you want to teach and take coursework in that area to deepen your knowledge of the subject you will teach. Within your professional education courses, you will learn about adolescent development and how to use that knowledge to create effective learning environments and activities applicable to this age range. You will also develop curriculum units and lessons that employ multiple intelligences and differentiated instructional strategies to reach the diverse needs of adolescent learners. As part of your preparation, you will learn how to embed technology and cross content literacy strategies to engage and motivate your students while strengthening their knowledge and skills for success in their future after high school.

As part of your preparation, you will have field experiences with high school students throughout your program to help you reflect upon and apply what you are learning to real life practices in schools.

Our small class sizes ensure close support and mentoring from our education faculty who have expertise in secondary education, literacy development, technology and special education.

Program of Study:  The program of teacher preparation at Bloomfield College is based on a strong liberal arts foundation and preparation in an academic subject area major (called a co-concentration). For the program in Secondary Education, you will take coursework in general liberal arts and a major in professional education as well as the academic subject (your co-concentration) that you plan to teach. You may select your co-concentration from one of the following academic subject areas: Biology, Chemistry, Chemistry (Physical Science), English, History, or Mathematics.

Certification: Students who complete this program will be eligible for an initial certification as a high school/secondary teacher (grades 9-12) in your chosen subject/content area, which is dependent upon passing the appropriate New Jersey certification subject/content area exam.

Course Information

Co-concentration areas :


Biology Chemistry (Physical Science) History
English Mathematics

Education course descriptions can be viewed in the Course Catalog.

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