Honors Program Staff

Meet the Staff for the Honors Program

Carolyn Spies
Honors Program Director
Phone: (973) 748-9000 ext. 1285
Fax: (973) 748-1671
Email: carolyn_spies@bloomfield.edu

Tonderlaya Furman
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (973) 748-9000 ext. 1352
Fax: (973) 748-1671
Email: tonderlaya_furman@bloomfield.edu

Honors Council Members

    Alton Drummond, Student Representativee

    Terry Glover, Professor of Psychology

    Sally Ann Goncalves, Student Representative

    Kenneth Kunz, Instructor of Education

    Margaret O’Reilly, Associate Professor of Education

    Anita Pasmantier, Associate Professor of Finance

    Ceran Messam, Student Representative

    Carolyn Spies, Associate Dean and Professor of Psychology

    Tom Toynton, Assistant Professor of Creative Arts & Technology