Scholarships and Benefits


The following scholarships are exclusive to the Honors Program:

    PSEG Endowed Scholarship (academic; science majors)

    Grandy Endowed Scholarship (academic; finance majors)

    Joel M. Weiner Special Use Scholarship

    Maureen Grant Study Abroad Scholarship

Students eligible for these scholarships are identified by the Office of Student Financial Services. Recipients are selected by the grant administrator in conjunction with the Honors Program Director.


Benefits and Highlights

  •    You get a ready-made cohort of motivated, scholarly—and fun—students
  •    Academic scholarships (and new scholarships are in the works)
  •    Study abroad scholarships
  •    Dedicated Study Lounge in the Library
  •    Curriculum –There are course requirements but these can be incorporated into your major and
        General Education programs with the exception of one honors seminar
    •   Special honors seminars – small classes in which students collaborate on the course design
    •   Work with honors faculty
  •    All majors can fit with the Honors Program academic requirements, even the most demanding
        programs such as Nursing
  •    Opportunities to participate in co-curricular programs such as our Leadership Retreat
  •    Opportunities to attend national and regional conferences with honors students from other states;
       find out what is happening nationally in honors
  •    Opportunities to present or publish research – great preparation for graduate school or employment!
  •    Opportunities to participate in fundraisers and service activities such as a bowling night fundraiser
  •    The Honors Program is growing by leaps and bounds and is highly diverse
  •    All seven academic divisions are represented
  •    Students come from a range of ethnic backgrounds, representative of the BC student body
  •    Traditional age and adult students participate in the Honors Program