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English for Academic Purposes

The goal of the English for Academic Purposes Program (EAP) is to prepare ELL students to succeed in ENG 106 (Freshman English) and other college level courses. As part of the admissions process, students take the LOEP (Levels of English Proficiency), a standardized and computerized English test, and also write an in-house essay. Based on the test and essay scores, students are placed into one of three levels: EAP I, EAP II, and EAP III. Students who place in EAP I focus on English only. In EAP II, students take two English courses, a math course (based on their math placement test scores), and another course. In EAP III, the final level in the program, students take an advanced reading and an advanced writing course, their math course, and another course, depending on their major.

Students in our EAP program enjoy personalized attention, small classes taught by qualified, experienced instructors, and a warm, friendly, familial atmosphere. Academic counseling, free tutoring, and use of a computerized language laboratory with specialized programs are available to all students.

Description of EAP Courses (See pg. 182-183 in the Course Catalog)

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